Many of us are quietly working in our neighborhoods and towns to weave deep connections and lead with love. The We Are Weavers community is for those of us who believe deep relationships can transform communities, our lives, and our nation.


Whether you are a Weaver or want to learn to weave, this is a space where you can feel valued, supported, and confident that you are not alone. We all own this community and will make it strong by showing up as our full selves, seeing others as their full selves and investing in each other. 

We gather in this space to meet, celebrate success, share challenges, and learn together. We serve each other by bringing greater visibility to our work, creating opportunities to meet other Weavers, and connecting us with resources and ideas that will help to scale our weaving. We support those of us who wish to become Weavers by offering best practices, mentoring, advice and encouragement. We will also share examples of how Weavers everywhere are transforming ourselves and our communities.

Our mission is to invite everyone to start living like a Weaver and shift our culture from one that values achievement and individual success to one that finds value in deep relationships and community success. We are doing something special here and are so glad you are lending your unique voice, talents, and perspective to the effort to weave a strong social fabric. 

Our Values
  • We believe that meaningful relationships are at the center of a purposeful and fulfilling life. 
  • We welcome everyone regardless of where you come from, how you look, how you pray or do not pray at all, or whom you love.
  • We hunger for richness in human relationship that is not defined by surface commitments.
  • We trust that Weavers can heal and strengthen our communities, ultimately mend our nation's frayed social fabric, and create greater impact than any of us working alone. 
  • We encourage everyone to step outside their comfort zones and be open to different ways of looking at the world.
  • We assume positive intent in our interactions with others.
  • We believe in living authentic lives and sharing these lives with others
  • We commit to showing up for ourselves and each other in this community.
  • We believe that everyone has value.
  • We refuse to be stopped by disappointment.
  • We make space for people to change their minds, preferences, and beliefs without judgment, knowing we’re all always evolving into more of who we are.
  • We believe everyone has a role to play in community if they are encouraged and accepted to do so.
  • We value having respect for differences of personal style and opinions. 
  • We encourage asking about other’s experiences, fears and strengths, and questioning our own beliefs and understanding.
  • We value active listening to the words, perspective and personal stories of others.
  • We support each other and all those who want to see others fully, show up fully for others, and lead with love - namely, those who are following a Weaver way of life.