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To See The Universe In A Box Of Salt... 67

It's easy to lose perspective in a difficult conversation. Here's one way to not just keep it, but expand it.

Added by Kern Beare Blog Reflections 10/13/2021
No One Should Grow Up Away From Love 66

Twenty-two years ago, I became a foster parent. The experience changed my life. It all started one night when my husband handed me a newspaper article about a five month old baby who had been kidnapped from his crib in a foster home. 
 Our family discussed how we could help children living in foster care. We decided to become a foster family and called the ...

Added by Judy Cockerton Blog Reflections 09/26/2021
Where The Laws Of The Jungle Don’t Apply 65

In this post I want to talk about how we can regain our national sanity. It starts by making a conscious choice to stop reacting in fear.

Added by Kern Beare Blog Reflections 09/25/2021
Re-Envisioning Foster Care In America 61

I walked into the world of child welfare as a foster parent with a 5 month old on one hip and a 17 month old on the other.

Added by Judy Cockerton Blog Reflections 08/23/2021
When Joining A Hispanic Family, Watch Out For The “Chancla” 58

Loving each other starts and ends with respect.

Added by Jeff Fuhrman Blog Reflections 08/20/2021