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The Power Of Music And El Rey 71

My journey of finding a way to express our shared interdependence, one song at a time.

Added by André Gonzales Blog Reflections 12/15/2021
Imagining Possibilities Together 70

A New Year's tradition that lets go of the old

Added by Frances Kraft Blog Reflections 12/08/2021
The power that lies in a circle 69

Seeing someone fully often starts with listening…

Added by Frances Kraft Blog Reflections 11/17/2021
Post-pandemic, Is Home Still Home? 68

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were knee-deep in boxes, bubble wrap and rolls of tape in our small Chicago apartment. Jeff was excited about his clever inventory spreadsheets and I was dreaming about exploring our new neighborhood in Washington, DC. About midway through the packing, I was exhausted physically and emotionally and wondering why we ...

Added by Frances Kraft Blog Reflections 10/22/2021
To See The Universe In A Box Of Salt... 67

It's easy to lose perspective in a difficult conversation. Here's one way to not just keep it, but expand it.

Added by Kern Beare Blog Reflections 10/13/2021