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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Support

I’m having trouble logging into the community. Who do I contact?
I forgot my password and the platform won’t let me reset my password. What should I do?
I’m getting too many e-mail notifications on the hub. Where can I change the frequency?
  • No one likes getting spammed with e-mail - we totally get it. You can choose your own frequency of e-mail notifications and can get them as a daily digest, or in a weekly round up email.  Adjust your settings here.

Community Questions

How can I connect with other Weavers on the community?
  • There are plenty of ways to connect with others on the platform. Here are some ideas:
    • Engage with new members from the Member Directory. The member directory shows a list of all members in the community. Feel free to click on any profile, read about their thoughts on weaving and send them a direct message if you’re interested in hearing more. We’re all open to being direct messaged here. :)
    • Join a Circles Group. If you want to meet regularly with other community members in a small group setting, Circles Groups were meant for you! Learn more about the 4 session experience over at the Circles page.
    • Attend a Weave Community Hour. Each week, community members come together to informally meet one another and be in community. Check out the upcoming Community Hours on the Events page.
    • Write a discussion or blog post. Explore reflections and questions from members and share your thoughts in writing in the discussion forum and blogs pages. 

How can I find members in my area?
  • We’re currently working with our development team to set up a map that will allow you to see who’s in your area. Stay tuned! But in the meantime, you can see where members are from when viewing their profile page. You can find all members in the Member Directory.

Where can I share news about my weaving/weaving that’s happening in my community?
How do I post a blog?
  • Blogging is one of the best ways to spark deep discussions and share your story with the weave community. Posting a blog is a straightforward process, but does require a few steps.
    1. Go to the "Blogs" page.
    2. Click "Post" > "Blog Post"
    3. Fill out the form and be sure to complete all required fields.
    4. Save the blog post as a draft or hit publish when you are done.
    5. A team member will review your blog post and reach out to you with next steps.

How can I participate in events?
  • Head on over to the Events page to see upcoming hub events. When you click on an event, you will be able to find evet information, RSVP, and even download a virtual calendar reminder compatible with Outlook/Google/iCal/Yahoo calendars.

Can I host an event?
  • Of course! To create an event, go to the Event page and click Add Event at the bottom of the page.
    • Fill out all relevant information on the form and hit “Save”. This will then populate the events calendar.
    • After you create the event, send event invites to other members inviting them to join.